Why I’m starting this blog

I need to start getting better at expressing my thoughts into writing. The problem I have had so far is that when writing my thoughts for publication in other, reputable forums, I become too much of a perfectionist, bound as I am by the duty I feel to the public and the reputation of the people I write for to write only things that are absolutely irrefutably true. So, I end up not really writing anything. Which is a shame, as I have some interesting stuff floating around my head, and the nature of philosophical thought is that it builds on itself. My thoughts may not be fully unassailable truth now, but they could be the foundation of something more, and unless I form those bricks and put them places, we’ll never know. So I’ve started this blog, inspired by the fact that such luminaries like Rav Kook and Rav Soloveitchik kept journals of their thoughts, ideas that occurred to them that ended up being foundations of their published works (or, in Rav Kook’s case, the raw material that others carved out his published works from). These were not necessarily their best or most well thought out ideas in these notebooks (which makes taking them seriously as part of their actual opinions somewhat problematic), but they were places to test and experiment with ideas. Thus, the title. Pinkasot, meaning “notebooks”, and M’Pi Ha’aton, referencing the story of Bilaam, which is a cheap joke about how I’m just talking out of my ass here. But I’m gonna allow myself to do that in this space. I’m putting it on the internet because the possibility exists that I will want feedback. I’m unsure if I want this blog to be popular or not, and if it does, I’m pretty sure I’ll take out the cheap joke in the title, and just call it “Pinkasot”, unless I’m so committed to this cheap joke I’d prefer anonymity. I dunno. We shall see.